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UNITY BUSINESS ECONOMIC WELFARE (UBEW) is a CBO based in the Coastal Province of Kenya whose main objective is to empower Women  and Youth with the capabilities to reach their full potential so they can live productive through SME's and Business Skill Building exploraation in Empowering them to be self-sustainable and reliant without depending on Employment from Government and other Stakeholders (Being Self Entreprenuers)

The name of the group is UNITY BUSINESS ECONOMIC WELFARE (UBEW); which initialy started as a women based group only but with our Youth incoporation it changed its name to comprise both groups (all gender inclusive; disabled persons and other networks with the same initiative in mind) in assisting in poverty eradication within the society. 


The headquarters of the Group shall be based in Mombasa & later with other office branches being established in the other areas of the Republic of Kenya. 


The vision of the Group is to bring the women & Youth of Kenya together and united so as to exert much effort in promoting development and raising their living standards. All these will culminate in eradication of poverty, unemployment eradication, democracy, prosperous society as a whole.  


The mission of the Group always concentrates on pursuit of socio-economic development, promotion of cultural welfare and sensitization of the people to developmental program which strive to empower community to take charge of their own development, improve access funds, business implementation ideas, ensure women empowerment through entrepreneurship, engage in agricultural and other socio-economic activities and to enhance peace and reconciliation through intercultural integration.

With its intergreted trend it has brought diverse ability to most of Single mothers who have either lost their husbands through HIV/AIDS or Young Women from the Streets who had been exploited through sexual favours to earn their living to promote their upkeep and livelihoods.

UBEW's Mission is being fulfiled as it is becoming not only community based but stretching to areas of whole county of Mombasa and with assistance from our partners it has become a recorning affiliate in Women Empowerment and Youth entrepreneuership coming together in one accord.